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Cordery Electrical Contracting Inc. is a three-generation, family owned company that was originally founded in 1997 by Tony Cordery after retiring from a long career with the Ontario Government. Cordery Electrical offers a full range of electrical services for commercial, industrial, and residential within Ontario.

Our team is made up of skilled electricians and our philosophy is to provide expert level services to the residential, commercial and industrial areas of the Simcoe Country area.

“We aim to create unmatched positive relationships with our valued customers and help them with any of your electrical problem.”

A Story From Our Owner Richard Cordery:

Approximately 3 years ago I was called to a house to do a quote. The people were putting an addition on for a bigger kitchen it looked like it was going to be very nice. We talked for quite a bit about what they wanted and I had a look at their main panel and service it was very old and did not have the capacity so I said we should be do an upgrade. I priced out the work that needed to be done and sent them a quote I was told they were going to do the work themselves.

I was by the house sometime later I could see they did not upgrade the service but the addition looked done about 2 years later I was contacted by an insurance investigator saying he had found a quote of mine in a house where there was a fire and would I speak to him? After looking up the quote and finding it was the house above I said yes. He explained that the fire was thought to be started by an electrical fault and asked if we did any work in the house and did we get a permit for it because there was no permit on file. I explained as it said in the quote I would not do the work unless the main service was upgraded and the people thought it was too expensive so they did it themselves

I was asked to give a sworn statement and the people did end up saying they had done the work them selves without a permit.

The happy part of the story luckily no one was hurt in the fire.

The sad part of the story is they were not paid out by the insurance company.

Hire only Licenced Electrical contractors and insist they get permits from ESA



ECRA # 7001020